I finally fucking understand it

AHS: Murder house: It’s just rubber man after the pregnant woman. That’s the central theme of the season. The rubber man also has the large spine tacks which is meant to point out that it’s in fact the devil. The walls are red as in covered with blood from the multiple murders. The pregnant woman is left mainly naked in laced underwear to symbolize how she was used as a tool for pleasure and left open to the thing acted upon her. 

AHS; Asylum: The white represents purity (obviously) and the black leaking form the eyes can represent multiple things. A. Sister Mary Eunice having a dark soul present and coming out of her. B. The dark history coming from the walls of Briarcliff and exposing what it truly is. C. The truth about Sister Jude (regarding the hit and run). All surrounding the theme of a dark past coming out from a falsely “pure” exteriors

AHS: Coven. The snake passing from mouth to mouth represents the supremacy, the powers and the secrecy of witchcraft. The theory regarding who was the next supreme is that it jumped from girl to girl as each of them died and was revived leaving at Cordelia. The snake also symbolizes the secrecy of the clan. Being passed from mouth to mouth and finally coming out into the open in the end of the season, with the possibility of it being either dangerous or harmless but intimidating nonetheless

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